The ‘Minnie Lisa’

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Minnie Lisa

The ‘Minnie Lisa’ is rumoured to have been left behind following the smash-hit Duh Vinci exhibition at The McMenace…

Curators recently spotted the similarity between the Minnie Lisa and Minnie the Minx and it has now been added to ‘Bash Street’s Back’.

Art critics are already arguing it outshines Da Vinci’s most famous piece, The Mona Lisa…

As well as seeing the ‘Minnie Lisa’, everyone who visits McMenace between now and the closing date of October 21 can enter a prize draw.

The winner will be immortalised as a Beano character and introduced to the world on All visitors have to do to enter is share a picture of themselves at the exhibition on social media accompanied with the “bashtag” #McMenace.

The ‘Minnie Lisa’
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