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Youth Action Programme

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The McManus has a programme for young people who are interested in developing new skills and experiences in art, culture and heritage.

Our Youth Action Programme has a relaxed and friendly approach that encourages creativity, understanding and fun and offers young people lots of exciting opportunities - including the chance to work with professional artists and creative specialists.

If you are a young person who would like to get involved or a youth worker interested in bringing a group to the museum please contact the Creative Learning Team.
Tel: 01382 307216

Youth Action Group

The McManus Youth Action Group is our core group who help shape and improve the service for all young people at The McManus. The group gives 14 - 24 year-olds from across the City opportunities to feedback their comments, ideas and suggestions and help ensure that The McManus provides a welcoming, inspiring and enjoyable place for all young people to visit. Young people are invited to sign up to join the group for a year and help shape the wider youth action programme for that year.

Members are invited to take part in:

  • regular discussion groups
  • creative projects
  • peer learning opportunities
  • special taster workshops
  • visits to other galleries and museums
  • visits behind the scenes at McManus
  • exhibition openings and other Museum & Galleries events

Our current Youth Action Group have named themselves 'Vita Nuova' (meaning 'New Life'). This was taken from a famous painting in the Victoria Gallery by Dante Gabriel Rossetti called 'Dante's Dream on the day of the death of Beatrice'.

Visit the Vita Nuova page

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