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Are you enthusiastic about Museums? Enjoyed our Leonardo Da Vinci show? Intrigued by our 400 million year old fossils? Loved tuning into the oral history audio clips in The Making of Modern Dundee? You’re in good company!

Over fifty years ago, in 1957, some like-minded and passionate Museum fans got together to celebrate their shared enthusiasm for art, history, archaeology and natural history. Out of this love story Dundee Art Galleries & Museums Association, or DAGMA for short, was born.

‘The Terra Nova’
A builder’s ‘half-hull’ model of the Dundee whaling ship ‘Terra Nova’ recently acquired for the museum’s Industrial History collection. The purchase was part-funded by DAGMA and the NFA (National Fund for Acquisitions).
Image credit, copyright or permission: © Leisure & Culture Dundee

DAGMA was founded to promote the aims, activities and educational programme of the museum, to lend support, to spread the good news about Dundee's wonderful museum collection, and generally create a buzz.

Today, DAGMA is still going strong, with meetings and speakers on the second Thursday afternoon of each month from September to June. A lively and varied syllabus includes a talk by Social History Curator Rhona Rodger about the whaling ship Terra Nova; and a range of other speakers talking about the history of Dundee’s Nine Trades; the Broughty Ferry Lifeboat disaster; a history of bank notes, and much more.

Meetings start at 2.30pm, and are usually held in either the Conference Room of the Wellgate Library, or the Creative Learning Studio at The McManus.

Looking forward to the next fifty years, Dorothy Sandeman, chairperson of DAGMA is seeking new members, and is particularly keen to attract volunteers who may be willing to get actively involved in the organisation. Above all she is extending a warm welcome to everyone who loves and cares about museums, inviting them to the next meeting.

It’s a chance to get out the house, to do something different for a change, and perhaps make new friends who share your interests. Come along, dip your toe in the water, and give it a try!

For further information, contact Dorothy Sandeman on (01382) 225349.

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